Beauty Bloggers I Love Following

Image from Kate La Vie
In today's episode of Amelia and Her Busted Laptop, I had to give my baby MacBook to Apple to run tests for two days. So, I have no access to my images, wah. But today I thought I'd talk to you about some of the bloggers I love, so let's get into some lovin'!
01 Paula from Thirteen Thoughts
Paula has some of the most beautiful photography EVER. Her flatlay game is out of this world. She also gives absolutely amazing photography and blogging tips. These have seriously improved my photography, and even though I'm not particularly technically inclined they are super easy to understand.
02 Kate from Kate La Vie
Kate has been one of my favourite blogs for a really, really long time. She's super informative, but also keeps it light and casual so her posts are fun to read. Her house is absolutely gorg, and so is her photography. But, my favourite thing about Kate is how she interacts with her viewers, we chat on snapchat quite a lot which I think is awesome!
03 Holly from Bloomin' Rouge
Again with the gorgeous photography! Are you noticing a theme? I think pictures really are worth a thousand words. Speaking of words, Holly has really great in depth reviews. Also she works at Sephora and posts gratis hauls that make me want to drop everything and go shopping. Dangerous. Holly also has some awesome posts with blogging tips, specifically with tutorials teaching you how to change features on your blog with HTML code! Again, I'm not proficient in reading code, but these are super easy little changes that make a huge difference.
04 Rebecca from From Roses
So Rebecca's imagery is so beautiful I could cry. I could also spend hours scrolling through her Instagram feed and never get bored. She has some really creative posts, and everything she talks about is very interesting. She's also quite into skincare, which I'm sure everyone knows I'm obsessed with learning about right now so it's a win win!
05 Cindy from Cindy Hyue
More pretty photography! Also, those white hexagonal tiles, how creative is she?? I love that Cindy writes as if she's talking to a friend, it makes her posts really fun to read but still really informative. She's also great at coming up with post ideas and has given me several this week, hehe, thanks girl!
06 Kelsey from Beauty By Kelsey
Kelsey is another one of those people that writes like you're just having a conversation with her. She's super knowlegable, but still fun and engaging. Her favourites posts always, always make me want to buy something. Plus, she's a Glossier rep which I think is the bee's knees.
07 Beti from Makeup Sessions
Beti's photographs are so sharp they could probably cut you, and I bloody love it. Another Instagram I could look at for hours. She also always has the inside scoop on new products and writes really wonderful reviews. And the mail-time instagram stories always kill me.

Those are the blogs I've been crushing on! Who are your favourite bloggers at the moment?