8 Autumn Bases

My line of thinking regarding Autumn is as follows; the sooner it comes, the better. It may still be 80 degrees at midday, but September means fall. And I am thoroughly excited. This means winter is coming, and winter is by far my favourite season. So, since it's "Autumn" I'm finally pulling out the bases that would usually just sweat off of my face!

The NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint is one that I do use in the Summer, but it performs so so beautifully in the fall. My skin isn't dry enough to make this look patchy, but it also doesn't come off if I'm outside for the majority of the day. It's one of those foundations that just looks like beautiful skin. MUFE's Mat Velvet + was one of the first high-end foundations I ever bought, and I still adore it. Nowadays, I prefer to mix this is with a lighter coverage base but it's still lovely. It's obviously super duper matte and has great coverage. If you have dry skin, definitely mix with a moisturizer or a dewier foundation. If your skin is quite dry, but you'd still like a matte-ish finish with good coverage, you'll love the Maybelline FitMe Matte and Poreless. My favourite thing about this foundation is that the lightest shade, 110, has yellow undertones. This is fairly difficult to find, especially in drugstore foundations, so I was quite excited when I picked this up! The formula itself also didn't disappoint, it's a lovely natural looking matte finish with a medium coverage. It looks flawless, but not like your wearing a face full of makeup.

Another winner from Maybelline is the Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation which seems to only be available online now (wah). This is one of those dry-oil Armani Maestro-esque foundations that was all the rage maybe last year? I fell in love with this one because it gives a lot of coverage without feeling heavy. This is another one that I really like mixing, especially with the Matte and Poreless. It does set down to a powdery finish, being a dry-oil so if you have particularly dry skin (sorry dry-skinned girls) I would recommend mixing. The Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick is something that I generally use as a concealer, but I can get away with it all over my face in the fall if I want something really full coverage. It's beautiful with Bobbi's Vitamin Enriched Face Base underneath. An oldie but goodie is the L'Oreal True Match Foundation. I definitely prefer this in the European bottle, as it has a pump, but that poor thing is a dirty mess so I've put this much prettier bottle in the photo (hehe). This one comes in over 30 (!!!) shades and is a gorgeous natural finish. I prefer to wear this quite sheer, but it is somewhat buildable.

Bobbi Brown is (as I'm sure you know) one of my absolute favourite brands, and I adore her bases. My favourite though is the Skin Foundation. It's the perfect 'my-skin-but-better' foundation and has a gorgeous satiny finish to boot. Dry-skinned ladies listen up! This doesn't cling to dry patches on my face at all, it's a bloody miracle. It's definitely not a full coverage, but it evens out my skin beautifully and I can spot conceal on top. Last but not least is the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet, this is one that I love year round but is particularly nice when the weather starts to cool down. It's another lightweight medium coverage (trends?) that looks like skin with a satiny finish. The 'velvet' description is definitely accurate here.

That's it (well, there are a ton) for my favourite Autumn bases! What products do you switch to in the cooler months?