11 Autumn/Winter Lip Colours

Today it'a cloudy and there's a bit of a breeze, so I'm going to continue pretending that it's fall and that it doesn't feel like Hades' personal sauna outside. I don't think there's anything more autumnal than a burgundy lip, so today I'm showing you my favorites, plus some more mauve-y tones that I love!

The Colourpop Ultra Matte lips were all the rage last year, and while I still do like them I just find liquid lipsticks far too drying to wear all day. The Ultra Matte Lip in Avenue is an absolutely gorgeous dark ruby red that I still wear from time to time though. I never fail to get compliments on this even though my lips end up feeling drier than the Sahara. The Ultra Satin Lip in Prim is a darker, more brown toned version of Avenue. On the flip side, this formula is super comfortable to wear, it's just not as long-lasting. I would definitely only wear this dark of a shade in this kind of formula if you can touch-up during the day! Still gorg, though.

We all know that I'm absolutely obsessed with Glossier. I really, really love their Gen G's because they are so easy. The Generation G in Jam is a beautiful purpley-berry color that looks like a perfect popsicle stain. So pretty with dark, bronzy eyes and lots of lashes! I haven't really talked too much about the Colourpop Matte X Lipsticks, but they are a really nice formula. More of a satin-matte than a really dry one, but they wear comfortably and stay put all day! The Pillow Talk and Cami shades are lovely brown-mauve tones that I love this time of year. Speaking of brown-mauve shades, Bobbi Brown's Brownie is the ultimate. It's her Lip Colour formula, and I've found these growing on me more than matte lips recently. The Sephora Lustre-Matte Long Wear Lip Colour in Fig Lustre was one I was absolutely obsessed with last year, and I am so excited to start wearing it again. It's a beautiful pinky-mauve in a dreaaaaamy satin formula that makes your lips look literally perfect.

It wouldn't be a lip post by me without something from MAC (have you seen my collection post?). My faves for autumn are Sin and Whirl. I've talked about both of these a ton, but Sin is the ultimate dark red for me, and Whirl is my perfect mauve. Both are matte finishes, but these ones wear very comfortably. When wearing dark lips you obviously neeeeed lip liner, I can't stress this enough people. Nice, crisp lines will make your lips look way better. I love MAC's Lip Pencils in Nightmoth and Brick. Brick I use normally, and Nightmoth when I want a really intense, vampy dark lip.

What are your favourite lip colours for autumn?