The Easy Lipstick Edit

The 'Easy Eyeshadow Edit' went over quite well, so I thought I would do the same with lipsticks today! Working extra long hours in the summer means that I can't be bothered to keep up with a lipstick (most days) so these are the ones that I can put on and not have to worry about for the rest of the day.

The ultimate 'no-hassle' lip product is, of course, a lip balm. My all time favourite is the Glossier Balm Dot Com, which is a multi-purpose skin salve that I mostly use on my lips and cuticles. I keep one of these suckers in my makeup drawer and one in my purse because I cannot get enough. In fact, I think I'm going to order a backup because I can't live without it. I was quite skeptical after all of they hype, but it's true people. This stuff is the bomb. If I want a bit more of a glossy look I'll use the Kiehl's Lip Balm #1. This is a bit more slippy and less thick than Glossier's offering, so it has more of a glossy finish! Just as moisturizing, but because it's not as thick not quite as long wearing (but it's a lip balm so just slap some more on, duh).

Back to a bit of Glossier, I really, really love the Generation G Lipsticks. These are a sheer matte lip tint that looks like those 'popsicle-stained' pouts in the magazines. I like these because they have a matte finish but wear like a lip balm, so they aren't uncomfortable. They also fade beautifully so I generally don't even bother reapplying. I have the shades Jam, Cake, and Like. I seem to have lost Like, which is a bummer because it was my favourite. Looks like a Glossier order is in my future. I've long been on the hunt for the perfect nude, and I found it in the NYX High Voltage Lipstick in Flawless. I typically find nude lipsticks to lean too orange or pink on me, but this one has an almost greyed-beige undertone that I love. The High Voltage lipsticks are a cream formula, so I'm still looking for my perfect matte but I do love this formula. It is super super pigmented, and actually lasts a really long time before starting to fade nicely.

A newer addition is the Clinique Beige Pop Lip Colour, which is a pinky nude. These are the ones that have primer added in, I don't really find that these last much longer than a typical cream lipstick but they do fade nicely (see a theme here?). I probably wouldn't go for the brighter colours in this range, but I am excited to try out the new matte pops! My tried and true MAC lippies are some of my favourites, in fact I have a post about them here so I won't waffle on. These shades are Whirl, Syrup, and Blankety. Blankety is definitely my favourite everyday lipstick. I also really love the Lip Pencil in Have to Have It (this seems to have been discontinued, boo, but Subculture in quite close!) as it's quite close to my natural lip colour and I can even out the shape of my lips without looking like I'm wearing anything!

So, clearly, my idea of and easy lipstick is something that fades well and I don't really need to reapply. What are you favourite everyday lipsticks?