The Blush Edit

If you know me, then you know I'm not really a blush person. However, recently I've been much more into giving my pale pale face some colour. So I thought I'd talk you through my favourite blushes (they're all quite similar aren't they?)!

Firstly we'll talk about the one that's not there, NARS Impassioned. Apparently, you can only buy this from the NARS website now, which is annoyingly why I haven't repurchased. Anyway, it's a beautiful light neutral-pink in a satiny-matte finish. NARS blushers are probably my favourite formula as they're so smooth. Right, let's work upwards shall we? Next is the H&M Beauty Blush in Cameo Pink. This one is sold out at the mo, but it's a lovely neutral pink (already pickin up on the theme?) This one has a fairly satiny finish, and leaves a beautiful sheen. Also, the packaging is gorgeous! Although it won't be winning any categories in feeling nice, it looks a beaut. Bobbi Brown's Desert Pink is probably one of my favourite ever colours. Another neutral-pink (shocking) it's one of those 'dusty' shades that is really flattering for everyone. I also particularly like using Bobbi Brown's Tawny Brown Bronzer as a duo bronzer and blush when I'm feeling lazy.

Tarte's Dollface (this is a travel sized version) is a fairly cool-toned pink, much brighter than I usually use but I love it! The formula of the Amazonian Clay blushes is dreamy. MAC's Blushbaby is an oldie but a goodie, a beige-pink in the Sheertone formula. This is actually quite pigmented despite the formula name, and really long wearing! Last but not least is Sleek's Blush in Suede. I think Sleek's blushes are quite underrated, they have lovely colours and a really really great formula. Suede is a very neutral slightly pink toned tawny brown, ignore the picture it's a terrible representation. This is a great blush for particularly colourful looks that isn't too overwhelming.

What are your favourite blushes? I think I need to add some new ones!