My Essie Collection

I reorganized my nail polish drawer the other day and realized I have several Essie polishes. Oops. It's one of my favourite formulas, so I thought I would share my collection with you guys! I also have a pretty long wishlist stacking up, so I'm always adding on! I love these because the brush size is just perfect, and they're generally really pigmented and require only two coats. I'm also a big fan of their nail treatments and such too, I have a separate post on those here. Into the colours!

Fill the Gap: A ridge filling base coat with keratin to help strengthen nails (love!)

Millionails: Nail strengthener with iron and amino acids (I wrote about this one in the post, it works like a charm!)

Birthday Suit: Described as a delicate nude, I think it leans more pink and is very, very sheer.

Wrap Me Up: This one is a cashmere matte in a nude-pink colour, I usually wear this with a shiny top coat.

Fiji: The classic baby pink, the only one I struggle with in terms of formula.

Topless & Barefoot: My absolute faaaave, I've bought this several times. A gorgeous soft beigey pink.

Ladylike: Another favourite, this one is a 'soft' mauve.

Chinchilly: So I really love greigey colours, this one is a 'granite' grey. Very chic.

Turquoise & Caicos: This is one of the first I ever bought, and probably needs replacing. A beautiful greeny-blue aqua.

Da Bush: This is one of those funky colours that's so ugly it's pretty, a pale creamy green that's apparently called 'celadon' (sounds like a dinosaur to me).

Vested Interest: I thought this might be an ugly-pretty when I bought it but it's actually just a BEAUTIFUL greyish-teal. Like, so beautiful I might tear up. Dramatic, but people always always ask me what this is.

Find Me an Oasis: Probably my favourite non-neutral, a super pale pale icy blue. The formula of this is an absolute dream which is rare for a colour like this (trust me, I've tried them all).

Saltwater Happy: Another gorg blue, this one is more of a pale cornflower blue.

Coat Azure: I've clearly developed a taste for blue nails, this is a very pretty medium blue with silver shimmer.

Truth or Flare: This is called a 'vintage blue denim,' it's grey undertone does make it look fairly denim-y!

Grow Stronger: Another lovely treatment, this one dried very glossy.

Fishnet Stockings: A dark cream red (but not super dark).

Shall We Chalet?: A brighter, classic red. Looks a bit darker on the nails.

Toggle to the Top: Magical sparkles that look like crushed rubies and garnets.

Those are all of my Essie babes! I did chuck quite a few because they were getting really old, what are your favourites so that I can replace them? Hehe