MAC Lipstick Collection

I realized quite recently that I've somehow acquired a large amount of MAC lipsticks. I also hardly use most of them, so in an effort to shop my stash I thought I would write about them. Now, this artsy fartsy photograph is going to be quite hard to navigate so listen up; I'm starting with the gold tube at the bottom and going up to the left, winding back down at the Viva Glam (red bullet), and then winding back up to the one with the square base. Got it? Good.

Mellow Mood (Lustre) is a light sheer pink that was a part of the Tartan Tale collection way back when. Yes, this lipstick is six years old people. But it's too pretty to throw away. So there.

Profusion (Amplified) is a pinky rose that I literally never ever wear anymore. It was, however, the very first lipstick I bought at the CCS I now work at! I can't part with it (read: I am a hoarder).

Russian Red (Matte) is my favourite bright red. It's a much darker, still blue toned version of Ruby Woo and much, much more comfortable to wear.

Whirl (Matte) is one of those that I talked about in my Favourite MAC Lipsticks post. It's a medium to dark rosy brown that is surprisingly flattering on pretty much everyone.

Angel (Frost) used to be MAC's most bought lipstick back in the day. It's a light warm pink that Kim K used to swear by, which is probably why my teenage self bought it. It is a lovely colour, just not particularly my style anymore.

Viva Glam Gaga (Lustre) is probably the most shocking in my collection. Why I bought myself a bright-ass pink, I will never remember, but I did wear it a lot.

Myth (Satin) was the very first MAC lipstick I ever bought. We were in the airport and I went into the MAC store all by myself and spent $11 on a lipstick (Yes, they used to be ELEVEN dollars). I used to pile this one on and went around with very unflattering far too nude lips. I now use it with a lipliner and somewhat pull it off. This is one that I've actually repurchased! Although I still have the eleven-year old tube somewhere (cringe).

Blankety (Amplified) is another one that I talked about it my favourites. It's a warm nude, and has quickly become one of my everyday lipsticks.

Honeylove (Matte) I curse my friend for allowing me to buy this, it looked like a nice matte nude. However on me, it's basically orange. Sometimes I'll wear it patted over a lip liner, but if you're quite fair beware.

Velvet Teddy (Matte) is probably MAC's new highest selling lipstick (those damn Kardashian-Jenners). It's a cool toned browny-beige.

Yash (Matte) is pretty similar to Velvet Teddy if you can't get your hands on it. Just a tad warmer, but would probably read neutral on people who aren't as pale as me.

Sin (Matte) might be my favourite lipstick of all time. The most flattering dark burgundy the world has ever seen, and it's cool tones make your teeth look white. I would wear this every day if I could be bothered.

Syrup (Lustre) is a neutral pink with a really pretty almost pearly sheen. I like wearing this one with really bronzey eyes, lovely!

Viva Glam Gaga II (Amplified) is a light warm beige that is also probably way too nude for me. I've never worn it, in fact it was still in it's box. No idea why, so I'm glad to have gotten it out!

Woodrose (Lustre) was a part of the Proenza Schouler collection and is a light pinky beige. I should've featured this in my Easy Lipstick Edit as it's another one that I put on and don't worry about!

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? Any I neeeeed to pick up?