Contour and Highlight Using Inglot Eyeshadows?

I've been doing this for years and I'm not really sure why I never posted about it, except for maybe when I originally built this palette. As a fair skinned gal, it's pretty difficult to find contour shades that aren't muddy or orange and highlight shades that are light enough. It's slightly easier now than a few years ago, but generally quite expensive. I've been contouring with eyeshadows for quite a long time because I always think a taupey-brown looks like a real shadow rather than an obvious contour.

So, when I went to New York a few years ago I was determined to find my perfect contour shade among the millions of eyeshadows available at Inglot. I'd used Inglot eyeshadows before (that I ordered from Beautylish) and knew I loved the formula so I was excited to get some more. I built this palette, but these two shades are definitely my most used. Inglot shadows run at $7 a piece (a bloody bargain considering you get .09 oz per pan) and you can completely customise your palettes. The contour shade that I use is Matte 360, a cool taupey brown. This is perfect for contouring if you have quite pale skin but also a gorgeous crease colour! The highlight is the stuff of dreams, Pearl 395 is a golden-peach with a super high white sheen that really really pops. I love using these shadows on my skin as they are very finely milled and look really smooth. Sometimes face products can tend to skip or look patchy, but because these are so pigmented that never happens. A bit unconventional? Perhaps, but I definitely recommend trying it out even if you only use them as shadows!

What unconventional ways do you guys use beauty products? I'm curious to know if you have any tips or tricks!