An Origins Update

I've been using these two for about two months now, so rather than include an update in my August favourites I thought I'd do an update post. Since starting using my Clarisonic again, my skin was going through that awful purging period. I did have a few active breakouts, but mostly those nasty little under the skin bumps. I was also getting scarring from the acne I did get.

Products with acne medication in them have never really worked for me, so I picked up the Origins Original Skin Serum and the High-Potency Night-A-Mins Skin Refining Oil (first impressions here). Both of these products are used to help improve skin's texture and tone. The Original Skin Serum is formulated with Willowherb, and targeted at women in their twenties and thirties. I think that those of us in that age group fall into an awkward category where we don't have acne-prone teenage skin nor wrinkle-prone mature skin. This line is great because it really does help fight the dullness that's been apparent in my skin. It's been incredibly brightening, and also surprisingly smoothing. I also love using it during the day (I use it at night as well) because it somehow calms down any redness I have. I'm honestly amazed by how much of a difference I've physically seen using this product!

Alright, now I need to sing the praises of the Night-A-Mins Oil, because I think that this is what has been fading my dark spots and improving my skin's texture. This does have salicylic acid in it, which surprised me since my skin usually doesn't react well to that. But in combination with the plant-based ingredients it's worked wonders! Since skin's metabolic rate is highest during the night, this oil works to improve that, helping to remove dead surface cells and revealing fresh, smooth skin. If you have reservations about putting oil on your skin don't worry, this sinks in really fast and I have no residue on my skin in the morning. The packaging is definitely a pain in the ass, but I think any other packaging for an oil would be equally annoying so c'est la vie.

I definitely think these two have gotten my skin to an amazing place and I'm really pleased with the results! Definitely staples in my routine from now on. Have you guys found any perfect skin treats recently?