What's In My Bag

I've been looking at a lot of "What's in My Bag" posts recently, and although mine doesn't really include anything exciting I thought I'd show you!

The bag I've been carrying lately is the Michael Kors Selma in the large size (which I can't seem to find on the website, perhaps it's been discontinued?). It's big enough for all of my crap, and if I need to put my lapotop in it, it'll squeeze. I used to also use a long Michael Kors wallet, but switched to this little Fossil Bi-fold which I LOVE. It's so easy because it actually fits in my back pocket, is this what it's like to be a guy?! I of course carry my phone, right now I have this cheapy clear case on it which is very dangerous, but I love the way iPhones look and hate to cover it up.

Makeup-wise, I carry a few things around in this Delfonics pouch that I got from Madewell. In that I have my beloved Glossier Balm Dot Calm (Mint), several (thousand) lip colours, the MAC Studio Fix Powder (Mostly for the mirror), and a Bobbi Brown concealer/powder duo for emergencies. I also have my Fossil watch hanging around in there because I'll usually forget to put one on before work. My Rayban Erika sunglasses are also floating around, I've had these FOREVER and they're still holding on (The DesixQuay High Keys should be coming in soon though, sorry Erika).

I try to stay quite organized, so I have a planner (during the school year I have it and most of these things in my bookbag). This semester's is from Mochi Things, I've yet to use it but I like that it's more customizable. I also have this Moleskine journal that I was bullet journaling in, but now I've made it into a list journal and I use it much, much more. Last but not least is my beloved Game of Thrones. I'm actually reading Feast for Crows, which is the book before this but the cover is red (gotta stick with the theme, people!). That's the only reason this one looks so tidy, I'm fairly rough on my books.

There's also of course a smattering of change and bobby pins hanging around at the bottom. What do you guys carry around with you?