July Favourites

This month I've been obsessed with skincare, and Bobbi Brown if you couldn't tell, but not really wearing much makeup. So this favourites post is going to be fairly focused on skincare.

The first thing I've been absolutely loving is the Bobbi Brown Balm Rinse. I did a post on it here if you want to read more, but I love that it makes my skin feel really really clean without being stripped. It can also be used as an overnight mask which I've been doing around my nose for some extra hydration. I also talked about the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base in that post and I'm still loving how smooth it makes my makeup go on. I've somehow been having quite a dry skin spell even though it's hotter than Hades in the south this summer. Honestly I've just been slicking this all over my face and wearing a tiny bit of concealer.

The Origins Original Skin Serum is a fairly recent purchase, but I adore it so much that I had to feature it. This is one that can be applied morning and night and is supposed to help with skin texture and brightness. I'm going through a bit of a purge stage right now since I'm actually taking care of my skin, all of the gunk is coming out. I've had those annoying little bumps and this has already helped with smoothing them out. It also makes your skin SO soft. Like I actually can't explain how amazing it makes my skin feels. Definitely one to try. Because I've been breaking out a bit, I've been using the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick as a concealer and it is amazing. All over the face I find it a bit too heavy coverage, but it is absolutely wonderful for spot concealing.

The Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara is pretty much all I've been using. I'm a huge mascara layerer, so this is really unusual. I just can't get over how voluminous this makes my lashes look without being clumpy at all. My final favourite is my beloved pair of Desi x Quay High Key sunnies. I am as blind as a bat without glasses, but I can't help but wear this a feel absolutely fabulous as I run into bushes, trashcans, and one time a poor lady having lunch outside at Panera. Sorry, love.

What have you guys been loving this month?