May Favourites

Hey loves! It's June, which means another month of 2016 is over (which is freakin' insane) and it's time to talk about the things I've been loving this month! I've discovered a BUNCH of new favourites because I've been a wee bit of a shopaholic, whoops.

Colourpop dropped their collection of new lippie stix in the Matte X formula and I grabbed the four most boring Amelia-like shades, of course. I ended up going for Pillow Talk, Chateau, She Bad, and Cami. This formula is absolutely amazing. If you've ever tried their original mattes, you know that they are quite creamy and not really that matte. These, however, and super matte. They feel almost powdery, but still somehow creamy and not uncomfortable. The greatest thing about them though is that they last forever. I'm completely in love and if I liked the rest of the shades I would snatch them all up (pinks are not my thing).

This month has been a Glossier month. I recently posted about the Phase 2 Collection, and have since been buying like crazy. I'm still loving the Boy Brow and the Stretch Concealer, but have also added two of the Balm Dotcom to my every day routine. I have the regular and the mint flavour (which  tend to throw in my purse) and I absolutely adore these. They are super moisturizing, and if you put enough on a little glossy. You can also use them on your cuticles (amazing) and on any other dry skin so they are super convenient! I have a link for 20% off your first purchase if you click here!

I've been all about light makeup and glowy skin recently, so the MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation has been a love as well. I have the shade NC20 which is like the teeniest bit too dark for my pale ass, but I make it work. I'm not kidding when I say that this foundation is the best I've ever used. It's a super watery consistency that blends seamlessly into the skin (especially with a beautyblender, ugh) and makes your skin look beautiful. It's kind of a satiny-matte finish so it looks very natural, but isn't going to slide off of your face after an hour. It was top choice at Fashion Week last fall, so we know it's good. I will say that it's not full coverage enough to cover up blemishes (is anything, really?) so you'll probably want to spot conceal. I generally recommend using a lightweight foundation and spot concealing anyway, to let your skin breathe.

Now to REALLY get that glow, I've been going bronzer and highlighter crazy. Desi has been talking about the elf Bronzer palette so I hauled my butt to Target and snatched it up. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a pale princess and Desi is a bronzed goddess. But, I still absolutely adore this palette. I mix all of the shades together and make sure to use a light hand, but it makes my skin look so healthy. For $6, I'm amazed at the quality. I've never been a bronzer person, but I even add a touch of this to my skin on no makeup days now. Also, the packaging is bomb (gigantic mirror, thank you). As for highlighter, I've been sticking to the good ol' Mary Loumanizer from theBalm. You guys know I love this and you can read more about it here.

I use a million different mascaras at once like always, but I've found myself reaching for the Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara quite a lot. It's not too wet, which I love, and gives quite a bit of volume without getting all clumpy. It also layers beautifully (we all know I layer mascaras like there's no tomorrow). My Back-to-Mac bag was overflowing so I went to pick out a new lipstick, yay! I've never been that interested in Whirl, but they had like four testers out for some reason and I just kept picking it up. I though, "alright, that's fate," and walked away with the Kylie fave (cringe). I don't think I've ever been complimented so often on a lipstick. Even my boyfriend told me it was a really nice colour. So, despite the Kylie-hype I think this is one that everyone should have in their lip wardrobe!

This month I finally tried out the ABH eyeshadow singles for the first time and I am absolutely in love! I picked up a quad, but I'm going to write a separate post on these so I'll leave the loving for that.

What have you been loving this month? Let me know!