Glossier Phase 2

The day this package arrived I was freaking out. In case you've been living under a rock, Glossier launched Phase 2 of their collection, a makeup line. The products are "no-fuss" and designed to showcase your natural beauty instead of covering it up. The collection consists of the Stretch Concealer, ever popular Boy Brow, and Generation G lipsticks. The concealer comes in 5 shades, the Boy Brow 3, and the lipsticks have 4 shades.

The Stretch Concealer retails on its own for $18, I got the shade light. It's a lightweight "flexible" concealer that's supposed to move with your skin. It's such a different texture from anything I've used. It's super creamy and almost oily (?) feeling between your fingers. It's definitely one for if you have dry undereyes, this will make them look dewy and fresh! I have quite dewy undereyes already (thanks, glasses), so I set it with a powder and am out the door!

The Boy Brow retails for $16 and has been in high demand since they sold out after the launch. It's a creamy kind of wax that really helps to hold your brow hairs in place and tint them a little. I will say that unless you have flawless brows or are having a no-makeup-makeup day, you won't be using this on it's own. I have quite dark hair, but very thin almost blonde brows. So I fill them in with my Anastasia DipBrow like I usually would, and set them with this. I got the shade Brunette. I've talked about my love for the elf Clear Mascara, that stuff can't hold a candle to the longevity of the Boy Brow. New. Love.

The Generation G is the greatest thing I've ever put on my lips, ever. They retail for $18, and I got the shade Cake to try out. They're sheer lip-tint-balm things, but they're MATTE. I don't really know how to explain the awesomeness without you guys actually trying them. They feel like absolutely nothing on the lips, and it looks like you naturally have a gorgeous pigment. I want them all.

So you can order products separately, or you can get the Phase 2 set for $50. And, exciting news, I have a link to get you 20% off your first order! That would make the set $40. If you click here, you can use the coupon. This is an affiliate link, if you choose not to use it, you can just go to Glossier's website.

Have you guys tried anything from Glossier yet? I've ordered some skincare goodies already!

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