NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint

The second I heard that NARS was coming out with a new face product, I started researching. When I found out it would be a matte skin tint with a decent amount of coverage, I started drooling. I literally sat in my car and ordered it on my phone the day it came out. With high praises from Desi, Karen, and many other bloggers I couldn't wait!

The NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint retails for $44, comes in 12 shades, and is available from Soehora as well as the NARS website. It's described as an oil-free skin tint to perfect and protect with a soft-matte finish. Okay so despite rave reviews, I was a little skeptical. It's a matte tinted moisturizer the doesn't feel heavy, yet has medium coverage? Yeah right. Well, it proved me wrong. This stuff is the shit. I don't really know how else to explain how marvelous it is. I picked up the shade Finland, which is light with yellow undertones, and it matches perfectly! Finding foundations light enough without pink undertones is pretty difficult so I was very excited about that. I apply it using a beauty blender and build it up to a medium coverage. Now, when I say medium coverage, I mean it covers up redness and makes my skin look even. It doesn't completely conceal all my freckles and moles, nor does it conceal blemishes. You'll definitely need to spot conceal. But for a natural, every day look that lasts, I'm in love. The packaging is a tall squeeze tube which, surprisingly, feels somewhat luxurious (no clue how they did that). 

As far as wear goes, it can be a little iffy. This is obviously a tinted moisturizer type of product, so it's unlikely that it will wear perfectly for 12 hours. I have normal skin, with a slightly oily t-zone. The longest I wore this product was, in fact, 12 hours to school and work. It didn't look dreadful by the end, but it also didn't look great (what would, really?). For a normal 8-hour day I think it wears beautifully, but be wary if you have very oily skin. 

Overall, this has secured a spot in my "Top Base Products" list, what do you guys think?

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