MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

I know this is kind of a random thing to post about, because the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation has been around for a long time, but we got it in stock at work around a month ago and I fell in love. I ended up getting NW15, which is pretty weird because I'm always a NC. For some reason, this shade seemed more yellow-toned. The foundation retails at MAC for $33, and comes in their full colour range. It claims to wear up to 15 hours and has a "natural" finish.

This is probably my favourite foundation from MAC, and it's quickly getting hush on my list of overall favourite foundations. The finish is truly natural, it makes you look like you have flawless skin without makeup. But, if you have scarring or acne you'll probably want to spot conceal because it isn't full coverage. It's definitely not a matte-finish, but it's also not greasy-looking. You should be fine if you have oily or dry skin, but if you have either to the extreme I would recommend trying it out first.

I was surprised by how light it feels on the skin, generally long-wear foundations are slightly heavier. This really feels like I'm not wearing foundation, it's GREAT. It's also fairly transfer-proof. Obviously if you rub your face on something, it's going to come off. But for normal accidental shoulder-rubs or hugs, you'll be safe!

The biggest claim of all; the wear. I don't know about 15 hours, but I've worn it for 12 hours several times and was amazed. By the end of the too-long day, my face looked almost unchanged from when I first applied my makeup. Despite the bitch-face and a slight shine on my forehead it looked amazing! It also wears really comfortably, which is a big plus for me.

Overall, this is a really, really excellent foundation that I think gets overlooked because the Studio Fix is so popular. I definitely recommend giving it a go!

Have you guys tried this formula? Did you like it?