H&M Beauty Peel-off Masks

I've been wanting to try the h&m Beauty Face Masks since the line launched last year. They finally started stocking them in my nearby store so I picked a few up! I ended up with the Charcoal and Volcanic Soil, Dead Sea Minerals, and Coconut Water masks. They come in little pots similar to the Sephora sleeping masks. They contain enough for two or three uses but the packaging makes it kind of annoying. Because it has a peel off lid you have to store them in an airtight bag or they'll dry up. If these companies would use lids you could use them more than once! Although for $3.99 I suppose I can't complain.

The Charcoal is meant to be pore-cleansing and for blemish prone skin. It's grey and a medium consistency. It dried down really quickly and cracked like a typical mud mask but it didn't flake off. I didn't notice too much of a difference in my skin other than it being slightly smoother. Although I don't typically have acne prone skin so that may be why! I next tried the Coconut Water mask which is good for those with try skin as it contains shea and cocoa butter. It definitely has a very strong coconut smell so if you don't like coconut definitely stay away. Also for whatever reason keep this far from your eyes. I didn't really get it too close but my eyes stung a LOT, and I don't have sensitive eyes. When I took the mask off my skin felt soft and smooth, but I'd probably not use it if you're quite sensitive. The Dead Sea Minerals mask is targeted for tired skin and contains bergamot and seaweed. This one is a bright blue and doesn't smell that great if I'm honest. It does disappear once it's on your face. This one left my skin feeling a bit dry so I used a night cream immediately after.

All in all for $3.99 they're not too bad, but I didn't find them all that great for me either. Have you guys tried them yet?

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