ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips

I've been wanting to get some of the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips since they came out, but I was a little skeptical because there were a lot of rave reviews and some people who didn't like them at all. I finally just bit the bullet last week and ordered some. The very first time I ordered from ColourPop I complained about the slow slow shipping, but this time my package only took about four days to arrive! I ordered Midi, Beeper, and Avenue (As well as a shadow and a new liner!). And oh my goodness I am in love. I have a few of the Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks which I adored, these are a million times better. They feel like velvet to the touch, but weightless on your lips and they last ALL day. 

The formula is very thin and watery, meaning they dry down super fast. That's kind of the only negative as you need to quickly get an even layer down. You can build them a little bit, but if you're not careful they can start to pill up, especially if you rub your lips. You also need to have prepped lips to apply them. Obviously your lips have natural lines in them as you can see below, you if your lips are really dry or cracked these don't look too pretty. I would say I had the easiest time with Midi which is interesting because most people had trouble with the lighter shades. I think for my skin tone, it's a really nice everyday colour that I've pretty much been wearing on the daily. I've also gotten a ridiculous amount of compliments while wearing this. ColourPop describes it as a "soft neutral beige." I definitely want to see how light Vice, the lightest in the collection is on me. Beeper is a little darker and a little more brown than Midi, ColourPop describes it as a "warm mid-toned taupe." I thought the warmer tone might be less flattering on me, but I really like it! Last but not least is Avenue. ColourPop calls it a "deep yellow red," but I find that it pulls quite blue on me. Like most dark colours, this one is a little more difficult to get even. It also pills a lot if you put too much on, and it was the only one I found transferred onto my coffee cup. Despite this, I absolutely adore it.

For $6, you really really can't beat these. They feel comfortable on the lips, don't transfer (unless eating something greasy), and stay put for hours. The packaging is beautiful and I'm really excited to try more!
Midi Ultra Matte Lip
Beeper Ultra Matte Lip
Avenue Ultra Matte Lip
Have you tried any of the Ultra Matte Lips? Which are your favourites?

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