H&M Cuticle Care

I've been thoroughly impressed by H&M's new beauty range and this little gem is no exception. The Almond Cuticle Care is a Vitamin E and Lemon oil and has been working wonders for my poor dry cuticles. When the seasons change my skin tends to freak out, and as it gets colder I get really dry hands. It costs $6.99, and for some reason is not on the website (that I can see?) but it is in the store! It contains sweet almond oil, lemon peel oil, and castor oil. It smells yummy but not too strong and it super moisturizing! I usually use an essie apricot one, but I ran out and it is slightly more expensive. This is a great alternative and I actually think it's more moisturizing!

Have you tried any of the new range?

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