H&M Beauty

H&M has recently released their new beauty line and when I walked into my store the other day, let me tell you I was completely unprepared. The line features over 700 beautifully packaged products in white, black and gold. The day that I went must've been one of the first days because everything was pristine and gorgeous and I wanted to buy it all. I did go back a few days later and the testers all look gross now (cry) but what are ya gonna do? I managed to slightly restrain myself and picked up four of the single eyeshadows, a lipstick, and a blush.
The single eyeshadows cost $6.99 and come in little white and gold compacts. Each contains .07oz of shadow. As far as I could tell from swatching in the store, all of the single shadows are very pigmented and buttery, while most of the shadows in the palettes seem to fall behind on quality. The packaging looks high end, but it's definitely plasticky and lacks the weight of more expensive products. But, for such a low price I can't really complain. The shades I picked up were Shitake, Sahara Dawn, Stargazer, and Gingerbread. Shiitake is a cool toned taupe with a beautiful shine to it. This one has a lot of pigment and I didn't notice any fall out, however it was a little less pigmented when using a brush. Sahara Dawn is a beautiful berry shade which also has a lovely sheen, it again is definitely way more pigmented when I pack it on with my fingers. Stargazer is one that I couldn't not buy. It's a gorgeous deep blue glitter, and the glitter isn't just an overspray it goes all the way through. I was shocked when I swatched this in the store. It looks on the skin exactly how it looks in the pan. I haven't worn it yet but believe me, you NEED to swatch this. It will blow your mind. Last but not least is Gingerbread, probably my favourite of the four. It's a warm medium brown that leans slightly orange, it's got a satiny texture so it's not quite matte and it is a beautiful crease colour. It reminds me a lot of Texture by MAC.

The lipstick I got in the shade Sandstorm which is a warm pinky-nude. It's got a very creamy formula that feels nice on the lips, and has a surprisingly long wear time considering it's not matte. The lipsticks are housed in gold tubes with white caps which do feel a bit nicer than the eyshadows. They retail for $9.99 and you get .12oz of product. I also picked up the powder blush in Cameo Pink honestly because I wanted to photograph the hexagonal packaging. These are $9.99 and you get .18oz. This packaging feels the cheapest of all because it is so light, but it is a really pretty shape. The colour is a nice muted pink but it doesn't have great wear and kind of fades into the skin. I'm interested to try the cream blushes as I don't regularly wear much blush.

H&M are also planning to release a premium line later this fall which I am VERY excited about. If it's better quality than these, I'm sure they will be amazing! I also wanted to mention that H&M Beauty products are cruelty free, and the packaging is made from recycled materials. The products are also "paraben-, silicone-, GMO-, synthetic-fragrance-, and dye-free."

Have you tried anything from the range? Get down to the store and do some swatching!