Tom Ford Lips & Boys

If you read my last post you'll know that I am currently working at a Cosmetics Company Store. The other day, the manager from a nearby store texted a picture of all of the new Tom Ford lippies (most of the Lips and Boys Collection) they just got in. We only have one at our store (the full sized Coco Ravish) so you best believe I high-tailed it over there (and bought way too much again oops). I ended up getting two of the shades, Orlando and Wes. These did retail for $32, but at the CCS are $24 and contain .07oz. Only a few shades are still available online, but I would definitely check a CCS if you have one near you!

Orlando is a golden beige and has quite a sheer finish. I'm not usually a fan of sheer lipsticks, but this looks so gorgeous, especially when paired with a more opaque lipliner underneath. Wes is a dark reddish plum and is also a little more sheer than I'm used to, but it's very creamy and again looks beautiful with a dark lipliner. Both shades are very creamy and I'm just obsessed with the packaging. I really hope we get some of the Matte collection in because I would love to try those!

Have you ever tried any Tom Ford Lipsticks?

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