While in New York I OF COURSE had to visit the Inglot store. It's in Times Square, which again is not my favourite, but it was close to where we were staying and very very quiet. Instead of filling up my other palette, I decided to make a new neutral palette (not really sure why). If you don't know, at Inglot they have a 'freedom system' in which you pick a palette size and fill it with whatever products you want (not just eyeshadows). I decided to do 5 eyeshadows, because Inglot shadows are absolutely beautiful and honestly some of the best quality shadows you can find. There are SO many colours, which does make it very very hard to decide, I spent quite a long time trying to pick shades that weren't too similar to things I already own. The shadows cost $7 each and the 5-pan palette is $11. The shadows are .09oz pans, so comparing this to MAC shadows that are $16 for .04oz, it's a ridiculously good deal. The palettes are super sturdy, with a frosted magnetic lid that will not come off unless you pull it. The only problem I have is that when you put the pans in, it's really really hard to get them out without ruining them so it's almost impossible to know what the shade names are unless you've written it down. But, I suppose I can always come back to this post to figure it out.
 I ended up picking two matte shades, both quite cool in tone, and three shimmers that were pretty warm. I have a hard time finding cool-tones mattes, but have a ton of cool-toned shimmery shades so it worked out. The shades are Matte 329, Matte 360, Pearl 409, Pearl 405, and Pearl 395. They're all beautiful and I've been obsessed with using this. Matte 360 is also a really great colour for contouring on fair skin!

Have you tried any Inglot shadows?

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