I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE watches. Like I am obsessed. It's worrying. I also do not have the budget for my watch obsession. This means that I usually buy cheap watches that LOOK nice. However, while we were in New York, Elle and I decided we both wanted to buy a nice watch. I adore Fossil because they're not ridiculously expensive but they are beautiful. So one night we wandered into the Times Square Fossil store and decided we wanted to buy everything. I'm not really a fan of Times Square because it's busy and touristy and the associates in most of the stores are snotty. However, this store is like a little hidden gem. It was really quiet, full of good deals, and the associates were lovely. We spent probably an hour talking to those girls about random things (convos always start because of Elle's tattoo sleeve!). Anyway, we both ended up with a beautiful watch and we are sooo excited. The ones we bought also have really easily exchangeable straps so it's kind of like multiple watches in one hehe. Elle's (on the bottom) is the Jacqueline Three-Hand Leather watch with a bone strap. It's gorgeous and I was quite tempted to get it as well, but I have a very similar watch and the strap was a bit thin on my wrist. Hers was $115. I, after a very long debate, decided to go with the Gold-Tone Chronograph with a bone strap as well. Mine also was $115, which in the grand scheme of things isn't a lot for a nice watch. Fossil also has an amazing warranty and they wear beautifully, I have one of my aunt's old Fossils and it must be over 20 years and it still looks lovely!

If you were to buy a Fossil watch let me know which you'd go for!

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