Clean Brushes

I, like a majority of makeup lovers, HATE cleaning my brushes. I have a ton, it takes forever, and it makes my hands wrinkly. This baby solves the whole takes forever part. Samantha (follow that girl omg) reccomended the Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap for cleaning brushes. And let me tell you, the stuff is amazing! I got the peppermint solid bar, but there are tons of scents and you can also buy a liquid formula. I love how clean the beautyblender solid cleanser gets my sponge so I figured I'd take Samantha's advice and get the bar. First of all, it smells delish. It doesn't linger on my brushes but it makes the process slightly more enjoyable. Secondly, it gets those suckers CLEAN. I've had a lot of my brushes for a loooong time and the white hairs had always been stained no matter how much I cleaned them. This? This had them looking like new in seconds. It makes them super soft and really, clean brushes do better work. It's also made from natural ingredients, so no need to worry about harsh chemicals! Best of all you can get it from Target for less than $5. I'm in love.

What do you use to clean your brushes?

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