More Colourpop.... oops

So I made another ColourPop order....oops. I can't help it they're SO beautiful! And to be fair they're not all mine. In the bottom picture (left to right) are Feminist, Bossy, Addict, Pepper, LBB, Leather, and Bichette. I don't have swatches yet because I snapped these pictures as I was about to leave for work but I'll have them up tomorrow! (Except for Leather, Pepper, and Feminist because those are my friend Elle's!)

Feminist is a matte black-purple, super dark, super edgy (this one is Elle's and I can't WAIT to see how it looks on her). Bossy is called a classic blue red and is matte. I was a little bummed when I got this because I was expecting it to be a bit deeper, but I tried it on and it is NEON and beautiful. Love it, but not what I expected. Addict is a creme formula which honestly is pretty much the same as the glossy. I got this because I thought it would be less glossy than Skimpy, but it's the same just less pink-toned. ColourPop describes it as super-light nude. Still super pretty and I will definitely get a lot of use. Pepper is a pastel lilac-pink in a matter formula. This one is also Elle's and I think it's gonna look killer on her tan skin. LBB is a rich plum wine, it's pretty much the same as Wet 'N Wild's Sugar Plum Fairy but I much prefer ColourPop's formula. Leather is a deep blackened violet and is also matte. This is Elle's as well, we were worried it would be similar to Feminist but it's much much brighter, beautiful! And last but not least is Bichette which I will pretend is called Bitchette because that's more fun. It's a matte deep red and is definitely my favourite so far.
Guys I'm developing an addiction, I already have another wishlist. What colours are your favourites?