Liz Earle Skin Care Obsessions

So I'm really really bad at skincare. Like I take my makeup of at night and every now and then I'll use my Lush mask but other than that I'm rubbish. My grandparents always send us Liz Earle stuff over for Christmas and I adore the Hot Cloth Cleanser so I decided I would attempt a skincare routine now that school is finished. Also, my skin is being a little biotch so I need to treat it well.

I've been using the Hot Cloth Cleanser on and off for years and honestly I have no idea why I don't use it frequently because it is lovely. You're supposed to put it on and then 'polish' off with the muslin cloth and warm water but that's such a process for me so I just use my Clarisonic. It leaves my skin baby soft and radiant and also does definitely remove my makeup. I use a separate remover for eyes because Clarisonic on your eyelids? Ouch. I've also been using the Skin Repair Moisturizer for quite some time and it really is wonderful. It's probably better for daytime but I use my Too Faced Hangover Rx, so I use the Liz Earle at night. It's very hydrating and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy (why it's good for daytime).

So, products I haven't used beforehand but have been sitting on my shelf.... I used the Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer randomly the other day because I was SO hot while studying. Um, this is some kind of miracle because it refreshes my skin and makes my foundation look glowy again. Love. The Instant Boost Skin Tonic is PERFECT to use first thing in the morning to get that extra grime off your face. It's so hot where I live, so I wake up all sticky and disgusting but this gets my poor skin back to normal.

So basically I'm obsessed with Liz Earle at the moment. Are there any products from the line that you can't live without?

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