Pinspiration 03

I'm back with another Pinspiration post today! It's been a long weekend of 8-hour shifts and homework (aka lots of pinterest breaks) so here's what I've been loving this week

01 Black boots Okay, I know it's spring, but I have quite an obsession with ankle boots and these are beautiful. Also, they're Free People AGAIN, I think I'm subconsciously drawn to their shoes because every time I click the link it takes me to Free People. Then I get really sad because they are sooooo expensive.

02 Opal rings I'm also still all up into my dainty rings, but this opal one is sooooo gorgeous. It reminds be of Anna's tiny turquoise Shop Anome one.

03 Bright eyes This time of year I'm making an effort to step away from my beloved smoky bedroom eyes and go for a more fresh-faced wide-awake look. Definitely a big difference, but I switch it up with a bold lip.

04 Too hot Living in the south this time of year makes me seriously wish I lived somewhere that is perpetually fall. I'm missing my sweaters and leather jackets already, booooo.

05 A bit of a change My hair has gotten quite long since I last cut it. Last year it was down to my belly button and I cut it above my shoulders. It's since grown to that weird middle-long length where it's kind of annoying to deal with so I'm thinking about a fresh chop. I'm really into this messy, Alexa Chung-esque messy shoulder length look.

What are you loving on pinterest right now?