So I got sick of my glitchin' phone recently and decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to an iPhone 6. My wallet is sad but I am very very very happy. I knew I wanted to get a super protective case, but I still wanted it to be stylish. I scoured etsy and found so many pretty cases but they're all just plastic shells that offer pretty much zero protection. I stumbled across Laut, which I believe is a German company originally, randomly and fell in love with their cases. They are made of TPU, which means the case is flexible but still hard. It's sleek, but it you drop it the case will absorb the impact. AND they have this gorgeous black marble which I am in looooove with. Best of all, they only cost $19 (!!!!). I was so excited to get mine in the mail. They also come with two screen protectors, which for the price is a freakin amazing deal. I've got my eye on the metallic gold one next.

What do you think? Isn't the black marble gorgeous?!

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