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Doing my eyebrows is probably my favorite part of putting on makeup. I have super pale, sparse brows which compared to my thick, dark hair looks pretty silly. BUT, as soon as my brows are done it completely changes my face. A well done brow really frames your face and can pull an entire look together. I'm pretty much obsessed with mine so I have bunches of different products that I use on them, these tools are my essentials.

First of all, you need a good shape. You can get them waxed, threaded, whatever. I recommend going to the Benefit Brow Bar as they are really going to listen to what you want your brows to be like and help shape them. Waxing at nail salons is cheap, but let's be honest they just remove some stray hairs or make your brows look like toothpicks. I got my brows shaped by Benefit about two years ago and I just pluck regularly to keep up with the shape. I don't have them pictured but the elf tweezers are the BOMB and only $1. They're much sharper than Tweezerman tweezers and for that price how could you not? My brows also grow crazy long crazy fast so I have to trim them pretty often. I just use these barber scissors that I found at Target because they're sharp and precise and were cheaper than eyebrow scissors, hehe.

Now onto the products! On a day that I'm wearing a full face of makeup, I use my beloved Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade in Chocolate. You've heard me waffle on about this for years but I absolutely adore it. It gives me perfectly sculpted brows and is so versatile. If I use a really light hand I can get super natural looking brows, or I can go crazy and get a dramatically defined look. I usually settle for somewhere in the middle. I also recently picked up the Brow Wiz in Dark Brown. I decided to pick it up mostly to add definition to the tail of my brow since it's so precise. However, I find on quick makeup days I can do a really fast brow that still looks clean. I did get it in the darker shade because I like my tail to be darker than the front of my brow and the cooler tone is very flattering on my skin. Most of the time I'll add a bit of Bobbi Brown's Espresso eyeshadow on top just to make sure everything is even and blended. I also run through my brows with a spoolie to blend it all (the Brow Wiz has one attached yay!). I happen to use this one, but any matte shadow the right colour for you will do. I always always always set my brows with the elf Clear Lash & Brow Mascara because again it's a dollar and it's the greatest. If I feel like it I also use the NYX Wonder Pencil in Light under my brows to really define them. It looks beautiful but most days I'm lazy. Don't judge.

So those are the babes I use to get my brows looking normal, what are your favorite products?

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