NailsInc Nail Kale in Victoria

This is the result of another one of my oops walked into Sephora and bought something I shouldn't have trips. I've heard a lot about the Nails Inc NailKale line, and I love the Nails Inc line so when I saw this gorgeous deep cherry colour I snatched it up of the shelfs. Victoria is gorgeous, creamy, and pigmented and it's surprisingly glossy before a top coat! I'm the worst person to comment on wear because I work in retails so no polish stands a chance. Apparently the NailKale line's ingredients are supposed to keep your nails healthy, I'm not too sure about that but I guess we'll see! The brush is kind of the perfect shape, it's just rounded enough to fit against my nail beds without getting everywhere. It also dries pretty quickly which is a plus! And can we talk about the packaging because it is beautiful. I was a bit worried about the weighted, square cap because that sucker is HEAVY but it pulls of to reveal a normal handle underneath.

This gorgeously chic colour is a whopping $15 unfortunately, so I think if you've got money to blow, go for it. Otherwise, don't be like me and keep your money in your poor wallet.

Have you tried any of the NailKale line? What do think about them?

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