Lush Love Lettuce

I can't believe I've never done a post about this because it's the love of my life. Yeah, seriously. I love LUSH masks in general, but a few months ago my skin started getting really dull. The associate recommended the Brazened Honey mask which I loved, but it smelled so sweet it made me feel sick wearing it. So I decided to try the Love Lettuce mask because it has a similar feel. I swear I put this on my face and the clouds parted and angels sung.

I know, I'm dramatic. But really, this thing is a skin saver for me. I love the Fresh Face Masks because they contain fresh, natural ingredients and so need to be kept refrigerated. This means they feel wonderfully cool on your face, especially in the summer. Love Lettuce has little almond pieces that exfoliate your face and make it seem bright and glowy. After removing the mask my skin feels uber soft, but a little tight so I always apply a light moisturizer. My only gripe is that LUSH needs to open a store closer to me! You obviously can't order online because of the fresh ingerdients, so I drive 45 minutes away to buy this like a crazy person. But my skin loves it so I suffer.

You can buy the LUSH Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask at LUSH stores for $6.95.

Have you tried any other masks from LUSH? Which is your favourite?

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