A few months ago I lost a huge chunk of lashes on one of my eyes (no idea how honestly), and they took so long to grow back I started filling the hole with individual lashes. Fast forward and I'm still in the habit of wearing them often. They do add a few more minutes to my makeup routine, but it really does make such a big difference. Even adding a few to the outer corners makes my eyes look more open and defined.

The plus of individual lashes is that they look much more natural because there's no band and you can customize how dramatic you want them to be. I use the Ardell Duralash ones but I tend to mix the Short and Medium lengths to make them look really natural. I do have VERY long lashes and the Medium are quite long on me so keep that in mind. Glue is also really important. If you don't use a quality glue your lashes can unadhere during the day and trust me it's embarrassing when someone plucks a false eyelash off of your cheek. I use the Duo Adhesive in clear because it's inexpensive and it works. It's also not too hard on the sensitive skin on my eyelids when I take them off. I think a pack of lashes retails for around $5 or $6 but they can last quite a long time before I need to buy a new one.

Do you like false lashes?

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