Pinspiration 02

It's my birthday and I'm sitting in the back of a lecture on Pinterest. Sorry professor. I thought while I'm here I might as well write you a Pinspiration post.

01 Painted Globes These globes are so beautiful, I'm on the hunt for a globe to paint, I specifially like the constellation one! Hopefully I can recreate for less than $150....

02 Nina Nailed It I follow Nina on Instagram and it makes me want to get all fancy with my nails. This beautiful turquoise stone mani is the one I want to try next. She said her secret to making it look realistic is the thin line around the nail.

03 Matte Eyes I recently picked up the Tartelette palette (review coming this week!) and I am LOVING the matte eyes, it's all over my Pinterest.

04 Henna I ordered some henna recently and I am OBSESSED with finding gorgeous designs to do.

05 D'Orsay I really love d'orsay flats, and these brown leather ones caught my eye. I usually wear black shoes but I'm on the hunt for these now.

What have you been loving on Pinterest this week?

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