My Mac Shadows

Okay can we just talk about the fact that I dropped my babies on the tiles floor right before taking this picture? The old MAC palette offers zero protection. Although that smashed powder does make them look more editoral, albeit cringy. Anywho, I thought it was about time I wrote about my beloveds. I will warn you that a lot of these are limited edition shades that I got from the CCO, but I'll try to find similar in the permanent collection.

Chamomile is a light matte beige, which is surprisingly pigmented. It's very similar to Blanc Type which is slightly less beige. I love it for a brow highlight.

Nylon is the best inner corner highlight. EVER. You can tell I love it from that massive chunk of pan showing. It's a frosty pale gold that is quite warm, but it still suits my very cool skin. PS it's permanent.

Hey is a warm champagne-beige shade that has quite a bit of shine (hello veluxe-pearl!). I don't use these type of shades as much as I used to but it is no doubt a beauty. It is a permanent which I didn't know so that's exciting!

Grand Entrance was one of the first ever MAC shadow I owned (I got my grandparents to pick up the MAC Look in a Box Girl Next Door set from duty free like 5 years ago). It's a silvery white with pinky peach undertones and is quite cool, it's also super frosty. I think Naked Lunch is as similar as it'll get, or you could just stick with Hey.

Patina is a gorgeous, neutral golden-brown. It's pretty hard to describe this pearl shade, you kind of need to see it in person. It is a permanent product so hightail over to the store and check it out.

Trax is an interesting one, it's kind of a plummy-purple with a golden sheen. It is a frost so it's quite shiny, and it looks gorgeous on brown and green eyes specifically. This beauty is also permanent, but I've found it in a LOT of CCOs so keep an eye out!

Time and Space is quite similar to Patina, but a bit more warm toned. It's closer in colour and sheen to Woodwinked, but is less warm. I think your best best is to pick up Patina (like really you need it).

Mulch is kind of out of this world. It's a warm toned pearl brown and smoked all over the lid makes my eyes look so green it's insane. It's also a permanent shadow.

Glamour Check! was I think actually THE first MAC product I ever bought. It's pretty similar to Mulch, but has more burgundy-reddy warmness. I think the most similar permanent product is Antiqued.

Prepped for Glamour is a beautiful chocolate brown that's slightly taupe. It's basically Satin Taupe so don't worry if you missed out on it.

Smoke & Diamonds is kind of like Prepped for Glamour's super-cool(toned) sister. It leans more grey than brown, but does have that bit of taupe edge. I can't find a MAC dupe, but I think it's similar to 444 from Inglot.

Night Maneuvers is kind of hard to describe, it's like a dark charcoal cool toned brown-grey. It's satin finished, but it's almost matte. It's not super pigmented, but good to build up in the crease. I can't really find a good dupe but any dark brown will do the same thing.

Show Stopper is a super cool toned dark brown matte. I love smoking this along my lashline if I don't want to wear liner. It's not super blendable, so it's not too great in the crease. It's kind of similar to Mystery or even Brun.

I still have a few spaces left in my palette! What are your must-haves?

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