Hello, Sailor

The other day I wandered into Anthropolohie (oops) and I found Lipstick Queen lipsticks in the clearance section. I literally laughed out loud like a crazy person and marched Hello Sailor up to the register and giddily paid $11 for it. That's right. Eleven dollars. I've been wanting to try out this super gimmicky product for so long, but no way in heck was I shelling out $25 for a sheer blue lipstick. But $11? Heck yes.

This bright blue of the tube is really intimidating, but it's actually a really sheer blue tone that tints your lips a slightly lilac pink. It's rather brightening, and is supposed to make your teeth look whiter. I think it'll be awesome to layer over matte, vampy colours and give them another cool-toned layer. By itself, it leaves a nice blackberry tint and is really moisturizing (good for my poor dehydrated lips from being sick). I think it's a fun product, and if you're lucky enough to find it on sale, grab it. But it is definitely not worth its $25 price tag.

Have you ever tried any Lipstick Queen products?

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