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Pinterest is a constant source of inspiration for me, I could spend hours on it. Frankly, whenever I have a free moment, I'm scrolling through Pinterest. Amongst all the sorority crafts and glittery mason jars, there are some really cool pins so I thought I would share a few of them with you weekly(ish)!

01 Linda Hallberg is probably my favourite makeup artist in the whole world. She's funny and nice and super, super talented. She definitely does some crazy looks but I really, really love this simple fresh look! Basically, my entire beauty board is filled with her gorgeous face.

02 I am all about an all black outfit with a camel coat, and I totally wish I could pull of leather pants. But this pin led be to Damsel in Dior, a beautiful blog written by Jacey Duprie, and let me tell you it'll make you want a new wardrobe.

03 I LOVE blanket scarves, I can never find one that doesn't look ridiculous on me, but that won't stop me from pinning them.

04 Another forerunner on my fashion board is booties and these gorgeous ones from Anthropologie stole my heart, they're unfortunately no longer for sale but on the board they are!

05 I'm a minimalism lover, especially when it comes to nails. This gorgeous manicure is a favourite of mine, but so is the company behind it! Paintbox is a nail salon in NYC focusing on luxe, minimalistic manicures founded by Eleanor Langston. Honestly, just look at the website, you'll fall in love.

What was your top pinterest find this week?

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