Getting Organized

I don't know how many of you are in school, but today is the last day of my winter break and so second semester starts tomorrow. As much as I'm dreading it (college is really not my thing, cliche I know), I love that it makes me even more organized. I think that the most important thing when staying on track for school is to not force yourself to do all these crazy organizational things. It makes me not want to be organized. I've always kept an agenda and that works for me, so that's what I do. I also keep a wall calendar for big deadlines and blog posts etc. so that I can see the entire month all at once.

Target is definitely my favourite place to get school supplies, that's where these beauties are from! The gorgeous agenda (I keep just staring at it) is by mead, the Cambridge line and also comes in a bigger size (can't find it online for some reason but definitely in store). The Sugar Paper Los Angeles line at Target has some of my favourites, but they're often sold out unfortunately. I also picked up this cute little set of notebooks. My classes this semester don't require a ton of note-taking so these ones are fine for me even though there's not a lot of pages. If you have a class with a lot of note-taking get a BIG notebook, there's nothing worse than having multiple notebooks for one class and trying to figure out what notes are where. If taking notes on your laptop works for you, do that. Most of my friends find that easier. I generally, obviously being a blogger, do EVERYTHING on my laptop. This means I have a lot of stuff on it. Also being in Graphic Design I use my laptop a lot. But for note-taking, I personally have to hand write them. I use post-it notes in my Art History textbook because there's so much information, but otherwise I'm not a fan. If they work for you, use them.

If you're just starting out with college, try a bunch of organizational tips and stick with the ones that help you. Pinterest is a treasure trove of ideas.

How do you stay organized?

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