100 Posts

This feels like a small milestone, but it's kind of huge for me. I've written 100 posts on this blog. I've been "blogging" and YouTubing for almost 5 years now but I've never been settled in one place. Honestly in my time on the internet I've had about 20 different blogs, and none of them were enjoyed nearly as much as this one. I think the reason I love Amelia Says so much is that I write about what I feel like writing about. Rather than requiring myself to review certain things or only stick to makeup (which I mainly do but I'm making a point here) I let myself write whatever I want. I have an ever-other-day schedule, but it's super loose and I don't beat myself up if I miss a post or two. I mean it's not like I'm blogging royalty or anything, but I try to treat this blog as if thousands are reading it. It makes me much more motivated to write. So 100 posts down, here's to hundreds more.

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