The Best Of Amelia Says 2014

The last half of the year my blog started getting a bit more recognition (Shout out to LORAC Cosmetics for tweeting one of my posts) which I am really excited about and forever grateful for. Alix recently did a post about her top posts of the year and as a fellow nerd and stats-lover I thought I would do the same!

The Naked 2: My most used and beloved Naked 2 palette is one of my most popular posts ever. I love this baby so much, and I've been neglecting her lately, time to put her back in use! This ones technically from last year, but it was the very end so we'll roll with it.

The Camel Coat: I tried to get into fashion-y posts (which I'm not very good at) but thanks to the camel coat trend happening now, this one was well-recieved! Still freaking in love with this coat.

The Current Staples: This is one of my favourite posts featuring my most-used products from a few months back. FYI, they're all still my current staples, I mean they're THAT good.

The LORAC Pro Palette: This is my most popular post EVER. You should have seen me when LORAC tweeted the link. Dancing around my house like a damn lunatic, craziness.

The Butter Lipsticks: I almost forgot about this post and the product to be quite honest. But the NYX Butter Lipsticks are still gorgeous and I still love this picture.

So those are the top five posts of the year! Thank you for being wonderful, and here's to another great year!

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