Maybelline Dream Wonder

 I've been going a bit foundation crazy recently. I can't help it. I'm forever on the search for the perfect base. I haven't heard too much about the Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation, but when I wandered into Target the other day (oops) I snatched up a bottle. And how glad I am that I did because OMG. I have the shade Porcelain Ivory, which is the lightest shade offered. I was really excited about this because not only is it super pale compared to other drugstore shades, it's also yellow toned! I always struggle finding a foundation to match my skin shade AND tone because a majority of paler foundations are too dark or too pink. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say this is the PERFECT daily foundation. Obviously, foundation is a serious preference thing. It depends on you skin type, lifestyle, and coverage needs. I have quite dry skin but an oily t-zone, I'm on the go so I don't have time for touch-ups, and I thankfully don't get much acne (knock on wood).

The product has been compared to the Armani Maestro foundation and while I haven't tried it, I can see how the textures seem to compare when described. The formula is very liquify and feels almost like a serum or "dry oil" when you put it onto your skin. It provides medium, buildable coverage that literally looks and feels like skin. I have never gotten so many compliments on my skin before! It's very hydrating and doesn't cling to the dry patches around my nose. I will say if you need super full coverage, you'll probably be doing a lot of concealing. But honestly, I think it'll work for everyone because it creates such a flawless looks-like-skin base that concealer can be added on to if needed. It blends out perfectly and streak free (I use my beautyblender). It does have quite nice packaging for a drugstore foundation, but I prefer my sleek black and glass bottles. The applicator is frankly quite annoying. It's got this weird plastic ball thing that is supposed to allow the foundation to drip onto you fingers (Maybelline suggests to apply it this way). I however, find that the foundation does not drip onto my hand so I end up having to wipe the applicator off, dip it back into the bottle and repeat several times to get enough product out. It's a good idea to prevent bacteria growth in theory, but I think an actual dropper would have been more effective. I did include a picture with it on my skin below but daylight fades fast so it's a bit difficult to see. Trust me though, it looks gorgeous.

The Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation retails between $6 and $10 so be sure to hunt around for the best price. You can find it anywhere that sells Maybelline. The full range has 12 shades, but not all stores carry all 12, so you'll have to search around for those too.

Have you tried this beaut yet? What did you think?

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