The BeautyBlender

Yet another trip to Sephora during which I walked out with a much lighter wallet. I decided to buy a beautyblender. It's been raved about for years, and for years I've thought "as if a sponge could be THAT good." All these years I've been wrong, because this is magic. I know I've just done a post about tools, but oh my god is this a new holy grail so I had to talk about it.

I'm sure you guys already know the deal, but the beautyblender is an edgeless, non-disposable sponge. It is latex and fragrance free and is also non-allergenic. Their site says that this sponge features an open cell structure, meaning that when you get it wet, it holds water. This means that the sponge doesn't absorb your foundation, thus not wasting your money. In order to use the beautyblender, you run it under cold water squeezing a few times, then squeeze it in a towel. When squeezing the sponge, remember not to squeeze TOO hard. The beautyblender is incredibly soft and if you're not careful or squeeze with your nails, the sponge will tear. Getting it wet causes the sponge to grow almost double in size and it becomes even softer. I apply my foundation to the back of my hand, then dip the sponge into it. Then you just bounce it on your face. It's really quite fun and feels good since the sponge is damp and cool. It's important that the sponge is damp not wet, otherwise it will not work how it's supposed to. If done correctly, the sponge provides a flawless airbrushed foundation application. It's also a wonder on under eye concealer (I use the pointed side) and blends the product in without being cakey or settling into lines.

I've been a hardcore Sigma Kabuki Brush advocate for years. I always thought that was a super flawless finish, but recently I've been unhappy with how my foundation looks on my skin (aka streak city). This is what spurred me to purchase a beautyblender, because lets be honest? A $20 sponge? I was a little reluctant. I'm in love with it though. It does sheer my foundation out quite a bit so that I can apply a few thin layers, making my foundation look SO natural. Honestly I can't even express how flawless this makes your skin look. I'm a total convert and will, I'm sure, be purchasing for life.

The beautyblender retails for $19.95 alone and you can find it at Sephora, on Amazon (only $15.40 as of 11/27), and on Beautylish (one of my absolute favourite retailers). You can also purchase cleansers, which I haven't tried yet. I did purchase the set that comes with one blender and a solid cleanser which costs $25.

Have you tried out the beautyblender yet? Will you? Let me know your thoughts!

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