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I thought for today's post I would talk to you about my favourite brushes. After all, you get the best results with the best tools. The majority of my brushes are Sigma, but before we start I want to let you know that you do not have to purchase expensive brushes. A majority of the brushes I use every day are from elf and cost me $3. I've featured some of those here and you can definitely find similar ones to my Sigma favourites.

Anyway, let's talk brushes. The first brush there is one that I used to never ever use. It came with the Essential Kit, so I had it but rarely used it. Recently though I've been using the Bare Minerals Mineral Veil to set my foundation instead of a setting powder and the F30 Large Powder is perfect for it. It's super soft like all of the sigma brushes and is so easy to use because it is HUGE. Next up is one that I've used every single day since I got the kit for my birthday ages ago, the F40 Large Angled Contour brush. I've used it so much in my old YouTube videos that I didn't even need to look up the name. It's sad that I'm proud of that. Anyway, greatest blush brush ever. It is obviously white bristled and stains, but I'm not bothered because I love it so much. The holy grail Kabuki collection is another that I fell into, but my favourite is the F84 Angled Kabuki. I use it for my liquid foundation every day and it buffs to perfection. I prefer the angled shape because it is easier to reach contours in my face like my inner corners and around my hairline. The F60 Foundation is another that I never used to use, but I find it perfect for applying a precise contour. I like to really carve out my cheekbones so I'll apply the powder with this brush to get a straight line and then blend it out with a fluffy brush (usually the elf Studio Blush Brush). The last face brush is the elf Studio Small Stipple Brush which I really like to use to blend out my Benefit Highbeam.

I use a plethora of eye brushes daily but these are the ones I really can't live without. The E60 Large Shader is perfect for applying all-over lid shades and picks up the perfect amount of product. For a typical eye brush, I love the E55 Eye Shading brush. I use it for applying my inner corner and brow bone highlights. The elf Studio Eyeshadow C Brush is great too (I own several). The E30 Pencil I love for detail work in my crease. It's also white bristled and really stained, just so you know. For my beloved Anastasia DipBrow, I use the E65 Small Angle. I have found that this one has lost its shape a bit, but I still love it. The elf Studio Flawless Concealer Brush is a newer holy grail. Seriously, buy this. I have like 6 of them. I use it to blend eyeshadows, apply concealer, apply my paint pots, put best freind colours through the crease, literally they are the bomb. I also had to include my little disposable spooly because my unruly brows would be lost without them.

So, those are my can't-live-without brushes. What are yours?

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