Mint Julips

As temperatures drop, my skin becomes drier, particularly my lips. But this year, I'm armed with LUSH's Mint Julips Lip Scrub so no more flaky lips! They have several other flavours like Popcorn and Bubblegum, but this one definitely appealed the most to me. It tastes like sweet mint and I could really just eat it as disgusting as that sounds. Like with any sugar lip scrub, it can be quite messy if you apply too much. You really only need a small amount to buff into your lips. As is to be expected from LUSH products, all of the ingredients are natural which means you can literally eat it. Win. It's also pretty gentle on your skin and extremely moisturizing thanks to jojoba oil. I love applying this everyday honestly, but it's perfect before a bright or matte lip.

They also release Santa's Lip Scrub with their holiday line, which apparently tastes like Coca-Cola? You can find the Lip Scrubs at LUSH stores for $9.95, or £5.50 in the UK.

Have you tried this baby out yet?

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