DIY Stacking Rings

Firstly, I would like to apologize for not posting this weekend, life kicked me in ass. Secondly, I would like to apologize for my chipped nails and ink stained hands, art major probs. Lastly, I would like to warn you that there will be a LOT of pictures in this post. Onwards.

So, I really really really love stacking rings. What I don't really really really love is that the cheap ones turn my fingers green. And it would be nice if I could buy expensive ones from esty but I can't, so what do I do? I make my own. For two dollars and twenty cents. Sweet justice. What you'll need is 22 gauge wire in gold or silver or copper (or all of them). I say 22 gauge because anything smaller is way too flimsy, and anything bigger is too hard to bend properly. I found this "Artistic Wire" at my local craft store, so I'm sure any big brand craft store will have it. It's important that it is "permanently coloured" and "non-tarnish." Otherwise, it will turn your fingers green. You also need wire cutters and needle nose pliers or tweezers (probably not your expensive ones though). If you wanna get fancy you can solder the ends of the wire together, but I'm lazy and impatient so I'm just loopin' and clampin'.
The first step is to turn the end of the wire back on itself. Simple enough. Make sure the loop is big enough that you can thread wire back through it later.
Next you want to press the loop down with your pliers, again make sure the loop is still big enough to be threaded.
 Now we need to cut the wire, make sure you cut a decent length so that your ring doesn't turn out too small.
 Thread the end of the wire through the loop and size it to your finger. This can be a knuckle ring or a normal ring, you can literally make it whatever you want!
 Once you've measured, loop the end of the wire around the other loop using your pliers.
 Then you want to clamp the loop down, this time don't worry if you crush the hole, just make sure it's secure. Also, don't press too hard or you could break the metal.
 In order to shape the ring after all that bending, push it onto something cylindrical (like the end of a brush).
 And ta da! Your ring is finished. Make as many as you like, sell them to friends. I have 8 yards of wire so pretty much endless rings for $2. I'm onto making some silver ones next!

Try this out yourself and tweet me pictures!

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