Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix

 Um, I think I win the prize for finding the cutest holiday set out there because I am in love with the Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix Set. So I went a little crazy with the pictures, don't judge me. I wandered into Sephora the other day to pick up another BadGal Lash and saw this in the checkout line. So you know I bought it without hesitation.

The set contains four mini High Pigment Lip Pencils from Bite and costs $25. A full sized pencil retails for $24 and contains .09 oz, each of these babies contains .05 oz so you're getting almost $55 worth of product. They come in the cutest little red tin with a massive mirror that makes them perfect for traveling or carrying around in your purse. The colours it comes with are Pomegranate, Rhubarb, Sable, and Winterberry and they are GORGEOUS. Pomegranate is an almost-neutral slightly cool-toned red. Rhubarb is a rosy shade with brown undertones, think MAC's Syrup and Kylie Jenner lips. Sable is a pinky nude, and Winterberry is  a bright raspberry. The colour selection here is seriously perfect, you pretty much have a full lip wardrobe. I've never tried Bite Beauty because I can't ever settle on a colour so this is perfect if you're wanting to try out the brand. The lip pencils themselves are incredibly pigmented and moisturizing. The formula is creamy and lasts well throughout the day, the darker colours wearing down to a stain. The finish is described as a "modern-matte" but I find that they dry down to a satin-like feel.

The odd thing is that it's definitely sold at Sephora, I just bought it the other day. Temptalia and several other blogs have done reviews recently, but I can't seem to find it online anywhere, and definitely not on the Sephora website. So I guess you'll just have to duck into the store to pick this beauty up!

I'm thoroughly impressed and will definitely be picking up some more Bite pencils in the future! What do you think? Have you tried anything from Bite?

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