The Vanity; Updated

In my last vanity post, I had all of my everyday products in cute little bowls which was probably the most inconvenient storage solution ever, but it was adorable so I dealt. Well, I got sick of it so I walked (drove) myself on down to Marshall's to hunt for an acrylic case.

I considered ordering another MUJI case (like the one on the right) but decided I wanted something a little different. A problem I have with the 5-drawer is that it's too shallow to fit a lot of my products in. Also, when they're hidden away in drawers I tend to use them less. In steps Marshall's, where I found this beauty. It says it's called "Simply Brilliant" by DesignStyles. I can't find this line on the interwebs anywhere, but there seemed to be a lot of them in my Marshall's so keep an eye out.

Basically the bottom of it is a big, deep drawer perfect for storing things that I don't necessarily use every day, but don't fit into my MUJI drawers. On top is a typical acrylic makeup organizer with lipstick slots and different sections. Having all of my everyday products visible has definitely cut down on my getting-ready time, meaning more precious sleep for me. Like I said, I can't find these exact drawers, but there are some similar options here and here and here.

I also picked up a little acrylic letter organizer from Target for my palettes. I like this one because it also has two 'pockets' at the back instead of just being open. These are perfect for storing longer palettes such as my Naked 1 and 2. I can't find this online either, but it is DEFINITELY in store (as of 10.20) so keep an eye out for it, it's by the Nate Berkus stuff in my Target. Other than that, everything is about the same. I think I just needed a bit of a refresh and some reorganization. Now I'm inspired to get the rest of my room organized!

Also, I can now fit more makeup in my drawers, ut oh.

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