So I'm ridiculously excited for Halloween as per usual, but I decided this year I wanted to wear a quite comfortable costume. I was a flapper last year which was fun but I was dealing with high heels and sequins and it was a pain in the but my the end of the night. Also, I was freezing. So this year I decided let's go crazy with the makeup. I practiced this weekend and settled on the half skeleton look! I did this pretty quickly just for practice but on the night I want to go all out a la Lady Gaga Born This Way slash Rick Genest.

If this is something you want to recreate, I promise it's super easy. All I did was map out the lines with a black gel liner, filled them in, and went over with a matte black eyeshadow. I then took a small detail brush and added shadows on my brow bone, teeth, etc. Honestly, find a picture you like and copy it! It's so easy. I'm planning on just wearing a black leather jacket, tshirt, and black jeans!

I've also been roped in to doing everyone else's makeup so I've got sugar skulls and vampires to create, what are you being for Halloween?

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