For Those Days When You Feel Shitty

So recently, there has been a lot about anxiety around these here interwebs. I just want to start off by saying that I DO NOT have anxiety as in the disorder. However, I do quite often have days where everything seems to go wrong and I feel extra nervous and overall shitty. I'm not comparing this nervousness to the terribleness of other's overwhelming anxiety, but I'm just saying that this does happen and it sucks.

So, on those days, I try to set aside some time to do things I enjoy. Reading Harry Potter, nerdily enough, is one of those things. It's what I've grown up with, my dad read us the books from a very young age, so it's really comforting to me. I also love reading blogs, watching my favourite YouTubers, and making imaginary shopping lists in my little notebook. Also, who doesn't love a little Netflix while curled up in bed? Also, being in college, I can generally choose to skip class if I want. NOW, red flag, i'm not saying to skip class willy-nilly. What I am saying is that sometimes, if I'm feeling really bad, I'll skip a day I know isn't important. Being an art major, this is pretty easy because I can make up studio time at home. DO NOT miss important lectures. I'm really strict with myself on this in general because I'm obviously spending hundreds of dollars per class (of my own money, ouch). Every now and again though, I'll give myself a day off if I'm feeling extra shitty.

Sometimes, just taking a day off and doing things that you enjoy can be really refreshing and a good reset after feeling shitty, friends. Really, life is too short, why would you not take a few days off?

Do you think I said the word "shitty" enough in this post?

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