A Little Ulta Haul

Sorry I've been a little absent on the blog so far this week, I had a huge test on Wednesday so I've spent all my free time studying. Now, it's fall break so I thought I would treat myself. All NYX, Revlon, and I believe Almay products are 40% off at Ulta right now. Plus they have the $3.50 of off $10 coupon out, so I spent $18 on all of this, which I think is a pretty good deal!

I wanted to try out the NYX matte eyeshadows, and I'm pretty excited because the new shape will fit in my MAC palette. The shades I picked up are Bare My Soul and Skinny Dip. The colours look very discoloured here because of this lighting, but I'll put some proper swatches up later in the week. Bare My Soul looks like the perfect neutral-toned crease colour which I'm excited about because mine are all rather warm. Skinny Dip is a pretty eggplant and it does have a slight sheen. I don't generally wear colourful eyeshadows, but I thought this one would look nice with green eyes. I paid $2.04 each for these.

I have a couple of matte nail polishes, but I rarely wear them matte because they chip so easily, and obviously a topcoat is going to make them glossy. So I picked up the Revlon Nail Enamel Matte Top Coat for $2.04 as well. I haven't tried it yet but I've heard good things. My flat hair could use some help so I also got the L'Oreal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray. Not entirely sure how much I ended up paying for this but it is originally priced at $4.99 (L'Oreal is not included in the 40% sale).

The last thing I picked up was one of the Revlon Colour Stay Moisture Stains, this one in Passion. I did wear this beauty today and I'm in love. I paid $5.04 for this. It's one of my favourite dark red colours that I own a ton of, but I can't help it. I'm also going to do a review of this later in the week so keep an eye out!

This sale goes through October 4th, which isn't a lot of notice I know, but I just found out about it myself. Are you going to pick anything up?

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