Why the CCO is the Bomb Dot Com

Okay so I don't know about you guys, but I have this very dangerous problem / serious advantage of working next to one of only a few CCO's in my state. If you don't know what a CCO is, it stands for Cosmetic Company Outlet and they basically sell discounted Estee Lauder products. So, after work I can't help but peruse the vast selection of Limited Edition as well as Permanent products (hello Well Dressed blush for $14). Estee Lauder owns MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Origins, Smashbox, and even Tom Ford and these brands plus more can be found there. I generally spend hours looking at the MAC stuff. It's a problem. But honestly, I rarely even go to the actual MAC counters anymore unless there's something specific I want there.

I love the fact that the CCO stocks overrun LE products, but the greatest thing is finding a Permanent Collection product for a fraction of the price. Above I have pictured MAC's Well Dressed blush which generally runs for $22.00, I paid $14.50. The paint pot in Soft Ochre? Usually $21, I snagged it for $11. ANGEL lipstick, the cult favourite is usually $16 I pay $10. The Taupe Shape blush was a LE product but would have been the same price as Well Dressed. I mean really, if you have one near you it's completely unnecessary to shop at the MAC counter exclusively. So, if you've got one near you I highly recommend a little rendezvous into the CCO, but don't say I didn't warn you, you will want to buy EVERYTHING.

I've got my eye on some Tom Ford beauties at the moment, sorry wallet.

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