Holy Neon Nails Batman!

So in general, when painting my nails I'll select a nice greige or pale blue. I do have some brights in my collection, but I rarely reach for them. Today, however, I found this guy lurking in my drawer. I honestly had no idea I owned him, but this is Urban Outfitter's Ringo. I know what you're thinking... "how difficult was this to apply? Do you have white on underneath?" NO I DO NOT HAHA. This baby is real highlighter ink neon yellow in 2-3 coats. TWO TO THREE. Sorry can't contain the excitement. It's so unlike me to like a colour this bright, but how can looking at that make you unhappy? I can't comment on the wear or anything because I literally just painted my nails about twenty minutes ago, but I've finally found a real non-shitty neon yellow so I couldn't not let you know.

Also, I just read this post in which Barefoot Blonde aka Amber has neon yellow nails, so now I feel like a cool kid.

Alas, I'm assuming this came in one of the polish sets and I can't find it on the website... boo. Let me know if you guys find it anywhere!

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